APO160FL F/7

Price : $12,900

APO160FL F/7 – Slightly larger than the TEC APO140FL F/7, the APO160FL F/7 is slightly longer and heavier, and may require a larger mount. APO160FL has excellent color correction thanks to glass combined with Fluorite as a middle element.

Clear Aperture 160 mm
Focal Length 1120 mm
Focal Ratio 7.0
Resolution (Theoretical) 0.75 arc sec
Dew Shield Diameter 7.91″ / 201 mm
Tube Diameter 6.38″ / 162 mm
Tube Length (Retracted) 39″ / 991 mm
Tube Length (Dew Shield Extended) 47″ 1194 mm
Length Incl. Focuser Fully Extended +3.5″ / 114 mm
Length in Working Position with the Focuser in Middle of Focusing Range 50.7″ / 1288 mm
Dist. From Focuser End to Focal Plane (Back Focus) 7.48″ / 190 mm +-1
Center of Gravity from the Middle of the Wheel and 2.5 lbs / 1 kg load 15.6″ / 396 mm
Center of Gravity from the Middle of the Wheel (Telescope Retracted) 16.4″ / 417 mm
Telescope Weight 27 lb / 12.3 kg
Weight Incl. Rings, Plate, Handle 31 lbs / 14 kg


Testing and Quality Assurance

TEC Telescopes go through rigorous testing to ensure top quality performance. Newtonian Rings are used throughout the glass production process and we then use an interferometer to correct any remaining imperfections. Every telescope is then tested vigorously to reach the most optimum Strehl ratio possible. Rest assured that your telescope has been optimized to be as optically perfect as possible. If the objective does not reach Yuri’s expectations, the telescope will not be shipped. As a strict policy, TEC will not release telescope test reports. 

While the objectives are fine-tuned under interferomerical control to meet the highest optical standards, cosmetic imperfections may exist in the objective and the tube assembly. Please rest assured that any imperfection in the telescope has been determined not to affect the optical performance.