Cleaning and Care

For the first few years, your new telescope is not likely going to need cleaning or service. Unless you find debris, dew, or scratches that severely impact your observing quality, it is not recommended to clean your objective.

TEC objectives are comprised of multiple layers of glass that are either oil or air spaced and sealed within the objective cell holder. When attempting to clean a “dirty” objective, cleaning products can potentially compromise the seal around the objective cell holder and even the objective sealant. If this happens, the telescope will need to be resealed by a professional optician; this process may take several weeks to complete.

Furthermore, constant cleaning of the objective will compromise the outer coating over time. This coating is applied to maximize light transmission through the objective as well as protect the glass from basic contaminants. Observation quality will be compromised and diminish over time if this coating is damaged.

If you deem that a cleaning is necessary, please contact TEC prior to taking any action. Please compose an email with the following information; the specific cleaning/servicing issue, model, serial number, and pictures of the problem.

We will then assess and instruct you whether the telescope needs to be cleaned and if it does, how to proceed.