APO200FL F/8 – Discontinued

Price : $29,600

APO200FL F/8 – One of TEC’s most powerful APOs available. While portable, the TEC APO200FL F/8 could be considered an observatory class instrument that requires a permanent station and large mount. More attention should be taken to observing site, and air/weather conditions, but when the weather permits – you will understand what was money spent for!

Clear aperture 200 mm
Focal length
Focal ratio 8.0
Rear wheel (handle) OD 270mm
Tube diam. 210 mm
Tube length (retracted) ~1475(+5mm)
Tube length (extended) ~1830mm(6′)
Tube weight 50 lb
Dist. CG to focusing knob ~770mm (30″)

Testing and Quality Assurance

TEC Telescopes go through rigorous testing to ensure top quality performance. Newtonian Rings are used throughout the glass production process and we then use an interferometer to correct any remaining imperfections. Every telescope is then tested vigorously to reach the most optimum Strehl ratio possible. Rest assured that your telescope has been optimized to be as optically perfect as possible. If the objective does not reach Yuri’s expectations, the telescope will not be shipped. As a strict policy, TEC will not release telescope test reports.