Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC)

Price : $4,400

Built to order by Martin Gutekunst, the ADC can be used with any TEC telescope model. For additional information please visit the ADC User’s Manual. Free shipping is included for this item within the Continental U.S.A.

A personal favorite of Yuri Petrunin, the Gutekunst Compact Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector allows visual observers to view planets along the Earth’s horizon with diminished atmospheric interference.

TEC recommends this product be purchased with the ADC Adapter Set.

Module-Components ADC Unit with dove tails on both sides D=48mm
Interface T2 Female Thread on the Telescope side/ T2 Male Thread on the eyepiece side
Dispersive Optics 2 plan plates built of 2 complementary glass prisms with different dispersion, but the same refraction index
Free Optical Diameter 28mm
Prism Angle 2°24‘
Optical Accuracy (Wellenfront) 1/30 λ rms
Mechanical/Optical Length 47mm / 45mm
Weight  440g

For clients that want to try the ADC prior to purchase, TEC offers a 30-Day Limited Trial Program. Click on the link to learn the details of the program.

Due to the limited production of the ADC, a wait time may apply. In that case, TEC will not require a deposit and will notify our clients when it is available.