F/11 Telescopes

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These are TEC’s super planetary telescope designs. Featuring air-spaced doublet designs, these telescopes are engineered to act as “super planetary” telescopes that specialize in planetary and lunar observation. The F/11 focal ratio allows for optimal light focusing for high contrast and color.

APO200FL F/11

APO200FL F/11 on 10Micron GM3000 HPS

Available Model

APO200FL F/11 – TEC’s only available F/11 model. It utilizes an air-spaced fluorite doublet lens. Stretching to an astonishing 91.5″ while weighing in at just under 55 lbs., this model is an update to the classic APO200FL F/8 series.




Experimental Model

APO160FL F/11 – The “Yellow Submarine” is currently an experimental model of super planetary telescopes that is currently under development. It will also utilize an air-spaced fluorite doublet, but maintain the 160FL F/7 diameter.