Shipping Policy

Orders within the U.S.A. will be shipped via UPS Ground or TEC’s chosen carrier unless specified otherwise and will be insured for the full value. International shipments will be shipped via DHL or TEC’s chosen carrier unless specified otherwise.

Choosing a different carrier or opting for expedited delivery will incur additional shipping charges.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure proper receipt of all merchandise. Due to the high value nature of our products, carriers may not deliver a telescope unless a person is there to receive it. If the merchandise is returned to the TEC facility, it is up to the customer to make any further shipping arrangements in coordination with TEC.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check all items upon receipt. If anything incurred damage during shipping, please photograph the packaging and product immediately. Do not handle the product. Damage claims will be rejected if the item is believed to have been used. If the item was damaged or lost during shipping, TEC will file a claim with the shipping carrier for the insured amount and will discuss the options available to the customer.

Packaging costs will vary depending on the items orders. Certain telescope and case options will require shipping in a wooden crate that is custom made for the order. Purchases of multiple accessories may require multiple shipments. These shipments will be included in the shipping costs.

If an item is not in stock when the associated telescope order is ready to ship, the customer may choose to forgo that item for a refund, or keep the order. If the order is kept, TEC will ship that remaining item when it becomes available at no extra cost.

If a customer wishes to pick up an order from the TEC facility, TEC is required by CO law to charge sales tax for the full retail value.