Focal Reducer Corrector (FRC) 0.9x

Price : $950

Produced in house, the Field Reducer Corrector, flattens the field of telescopic viewing and reduces the focal ratio by .9x: decreasing it from F/7 to F/6.3. Compared to a Field Flattener, the FRC will have small vignetting in the corners of FOW (~10%). Designed to cover an image circle ø 51mm, or 36x36mm, making it perfect for deep space astro-photography. The FRC is available for all models and fits with the FTF#3545 Starlight Focuser. Available for use with all TEC Telescopes. Please specify the telescope to be used with the FRC when the order is placed.

The FRC backfocus is outlined below.

Telescope Model Back Focus Range Back Focus Real
APO140FL F/7 127mm – 128mm 118mm – 119mm
APO160FL F/7 124mm 115mm
APO180FL F/7 121mm – 122mm 112mm – 113mm
APO250VT F/8.8 103mm 100mm