Finder Bracket and Base Set

Price : $160

The TEC Finder Bracket and Base is easy to install, sturdy in its construction, and seamlessly fitted to any TEC telescope. It comprises four components; a Finder base, a spring loaded set screw, a Finder Arm, and a Finder holder.
Together the bracket and base can hold any traditional 50mm optical finder and red dot sight.

By using spring loaded screw and a female threaded insert installed into the body of the finderscope, small guide scope, or red dot sight, the Finder Bracket and Base Set is able to seamlessly secure the instrument to the holder and bracket arm. The spring loaded screw is then secured with a screw cover to ensure that it does not loosen.

TEC recommends that when available the Finder Bracket and Base Set be ordered with a finderscope. In this way, TEC can prepare and install the Bracket System to the finderscope. If that is not an option, TEC recommends sending the instrument to be used to our facility so that the insert can be installed.

TEC does not recommend using the Finder Bracket and Base Set with any guide scope or finderscope that exceeds these parameters: Max Length = 10″, Max Diameter = 2.5″, Max Weight = 1.5 lbs.