New Eyepiece Turret

Price : $1,200

Back by popular demand, the TEC Eyepiece Turret makes

exchanging eyepieces simple. Install up to 5 of your favorite eyepieces in the order of increased focal length with the included Baader ClickLock Eyepiece Clamp 1.25″ and discover the next level of observing. The Clicklock Eyepiece Clamps will also feature an adjustable top with a 6..5mm range, so all eyepieces will be par-focal and no need to refocus between the eyepieces. The turret will also come with a ROX foam lined case.

As this is still in development, TEC will update with technical information when available. TEC is currently accepting pre-orders and will make a waitlist for anyone interested. If you have a telescope already on order, please include the model, invoice name, and production number in the notes. If you ordered through a dealer, we ask that you notify your dealer to make the changes to your order.

TEC Eyepiece Turret

TEC Eyepiece Turret with Baader Clicklock Clamp

TEC Eyepiece Turret

New TEC Eyepiece Turret with a combination of large and small eyepieces. Recommended max weight 5 lbs.