Baader 10×60 Vario Finderscope w/ Illuminated Prism

Price : $350

The baader vario 10×60 Finder is a multipurpose piece of equipment. It is a finderscope that also functions
as a guider, a rich-field scope, and a telephoto lens. It is able to be mounted onto a tripod on its own, or
mounted onto a telescope for more accurate viewing. The lens on the vario Finder is based on the Carl-zeiss
C-lens and is tested to give minimal interference at high magnification.

APERTURE 61mm, f=250mm
DRAW TUBE TRAVEL 4.5″ / 114.3mm
EYEPIECE 25mm POLARIS I Guiding Eyepiece
EYEPIECE HOLDER 1.25″ Captive Eyepiece Holder